• [archives] ASF in Rwanda (1996-2012)

    At the end of May 2012, Avocats Sans Frontières ended its permanent activities and direct operations in Rwanda after 16 years. Since 1996, Avocats Sans Frontières has worked constantly alongside legal actors, actors from civil society and people seeking justice to help[…]

  • [archives] Support and protection for human rights defenders (2011-2015)

    Locations: The project is coordinated from Arusha (Tanzania). It covers Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, DR Congo and Rwanda. Partner: East Africa Law Society (EALS) Budget: € 1.538.000 Funding: European Union Duration: 01/11/2011 – 30/06/2015 Background Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) are ordinary people taking extraordinary[…]

  • [archives] ASF in Tunisia

    ASF’s previous projects in Tunisia For transparent and legitimate transitional justice Objective: strengthen the democratic transition and rule of law in Tunisia by supporting the effective, transparent and legitimate functioning of transitional justice mechanisms. Activities: Awareness-raising, judicial assistance, training of lawyers,[…]

  • [archives] ASF in Central African Republic

    ASF’s previous projects in CAR Contributing to the effectiveness of the rights of persons in vulnerable situations in CAR Activities : Technical and financial support (chain reaction) to civil society organisations. Capacity building and coordination of neighbourhood chiefs and community relays[…]

  • [archives] ASF in the Democratic Republic of Congo

    ASF’s previous projects in DRC Protecting human rights and democratic freedoms during the election period in DR Congo Objective: to contribute to the effective realisation of human rights and democratic freedoms during the election period. The project is aimed at[…]

  • [archives] ASF in Chad

    Project “Improving access to justice for persons in vulnerable situations in Chad” Budget: 811.358 € Financed by: European Union February 2014 > May 2016 The support provided to the three (OSC) partner organisations by ASF is both financial and technical. The financial[…]

  • [archives] Breaking the fences between access to justice and development (2014-2016)

    Our goal : Breaking the fences between development and access to justice Our events Articles and publications Other ASF initiatives Our goal : Breaking the fences between development and access to justice Our events Throughout 2016, ASF is initiating and/or contributing[…]

  • [archives] Crossroads – Together for international justice (2013-2016)

    Locations: The project covers Burundi, Colombia, Guatemala, Nepal, Uganda and DR Congo Team: The international justice teams of the 3 partners in the 6 countries concerned, the Head of Mission and the Expert in the ASF headquarters Partners: ASF Canada, Informal Sector[…]

  • [archives] ASF in Zambia (2015-2017)

    Location: 1 central office in Lusaka Date of establishment: First ASF project in Zambia in 2015 Equipe: 2 national colleagues Background Many obstacles stand between the population of Zambia and the exercise of their rights: people in general lack knowledge and awareness of their[…]

  • [archives] The “Kalima” project: Promoting and protecting freedom of the press and freedom of expression (2013-2016)

    Location: The project is coordinated from Morocco. It covers Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. Team: 1 expatriate and 1 local colleague Partners: ADALA (Morocco), Centre de Tunis pour la Liberté de la Presse en Tunisie, Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms Duration: October 2013 >[…]

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