28 October 2014

Preventive detention in Burundi: ASF rallies actors in the penal chain

Bujumbura – “Preventive detention must remain last resort”: this is the message of the broad campaign launched by ASF, together with the Ministry of Justice in Burundi. Citizens, lawyers, judges, prison staff…this action concerns everyone involved in the penal chain, in order to ensure that an infraction does not automatically mean that the individual concerned is arrested and held in custody.


25 October 2014

Tunisia: legislative elections should not slow down transitional justice

On the eve of legislative elections in Tunisia, ASF, the Association Nissaa Tounssyat, the Organisation against Torture in Tunisia and the Association of Tunisian Women for Research and Development are expressing concerns over how long it is taking to implement the law on transitional justice. The four organisations have called on the Tunisian authorities and the electoral candidates to ensure the continuity of the process, whatever the results of the election.


8 October 2014

Liberia: 20 years on, justice takes its course

Indicted for crimes against humanity and war crimes, Martina Johnson was arrested by the Belgian police a few weeks ago. The former commander of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia, the rebel group, is the subject of a complaint filed in Belgium on behalf of three Liberian victims, under legislation on extraterritorial jurisdiction. Luc Walleyn, a long-serving member on the ASF Board, is the lawyer representing the civil parties in the case: “This arrest brings to a close a long period of impunity.”



7 October 2014

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