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9 August 2021

Promoting access to justice through community-based mediation programs

In Uganda, access to justice is limited by the financial resources of local populations but also by the geographical distance to the courts of law. In this context, ASF focuses on the training of community-based mediators to promote access to justice and enable local populations to claim their rights.


15 March 2020

Partners’ profiles 4/4 : The Networks of Observers

ASF has helped create and revitalise networks of observers in the DRC. They are independent, they exist and are managed autonomously by their members. ASF and these networks work together to empower populations impacted by the activities of extractive companies. Today, we invite you to meet its members. They talk about the reasons behind their activism and their daily struggle to defend their communities and their rights.


7 December 2015

Access to justice in Chad: civil society is mobilising itself

Despite justice reforms undertaken in recent years, the population of Chad still encounters numerous obstacles when trying to obtain access to justice. Given this situation, civil society organisations (CSOs) are taking action and providing legal advice and assistance: ASF is supporting three of these CSOs in their efforts to protect human rights.


1 July 2015

ASF partnerships: the cornerstone of sustainable change

Brussels/Bujumbura – Against the backdrop of an extremely serious political crisis, ASF and its partners continue working to ensure access to justice for all in Burundi. ASF and the bar association at Bujumbura Court of Appeal have recently signed an agreement renewing and shaping their partnership up to 2021.


27 April 2015

Larissa Dinsmoor, US Attorney of the California Bar Association, was one of the seven ILN members involved in the project © ASF

Myanmar: The “Pro Bonos” in action

Myanmar – The Rule of Law Centres Pilot Project supported by UNDP has come to an end. The project aimed at providing training on local justice issues to legal professionals and civil society and at encouraging them to use rule of law principles into their work. Seven legal experts, members of ASF’s International Legal Network (ILN), volunteered pro bono services to the project.


17 February 2015

Rule of Law Education Leading to Social Justice in Myanmar

The need for justice education in a country just emerging from more than 50 years of military dictatorship is undoubted. “Rule of law” is a prevalent but rarely understood term here. ASF trainers and other partners provide training in the framework of a UNDP-funded Rule of Law Centre Pilot Project.


21 January 2015

Transitional justice in Burundi: space for victims

ASF welcomes the creation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as an important step in the process of punishing international crimes committed in Burundi in the past. ASF nevertheless calls for certain conditions crucial to the proper functioning of the transitional justice process to be respected.


8 August 2014

The Kalima project: Defending freedom of expression

Rabat (Morocco) – Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF) launches its training and awareness-raising programme as part of the project for the promotion of freedom of expression and the protection of persons such as journalists and bloggers. This project, known as Kalima, is taking place in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, in a region which is undergoing a significant political transition. It also marks the opening of an ASF office in Morocco.


20 September 2013

Nepalese women lawyers improve knowledge of medico-legal techniques

Courts dealing with criminal cases take forensic matters as first hand evidence. A training organised by Avocats Sans Frontières supports women lawyers to improve their practice concerning medico-legal subjects, especially in cases of women’s rights violations.


2 September 2013

Looking for pro bono legal experts

The Avocats Sans Frontières International Legal Network provides an opportunity for lawyers to volunteer from time to time in support of vulnerable populations in need of legal and judicial assistance. To date however, despite its 800 members, this network lacks professionals in specialised areas of law such as international criminal justice and the organisation of legal aid services.



29 December 2021

27 December 2021

22 December 2021

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