Women’s rights

8 March 2022

International Women’s day: Gender and witchcraft in the Central African Republic, fighting discrimination against women and children

In the Central African Republic, the prosecution of people suspected of witchcraft and charlatanism, which frequently leads to serious human rights violations, systematically impacts women and children. This must be examined from a gender-based violence perspective.


7 October 2021

clinique juridique au maroc

Legal clinics to support access to justice during pandemic

Throughout the world, the pandemic has pushed people further away from access to justice. In Morocco, ASF has been relying for several years on legal clinics, set up in universities, to promote access to justice, particularly for people in vulnerable situations. Under the supervision of teachers and legal professionals, students provide legal services to the population.


9 August 2021

Promoting access to justice through community-based mediation programs

In Uganda, access to justice is limited by the financial resources of local populations but also by the geographical distance to the courts of law. In this context, ASF focuses on the training of community-based mediators to promote access to justice and enable local populations to claim their rights.


1 July 2021

Indonesia – Providing integrated services and a safe environment for women victims of domestic violence during the pandemic

Each week this summer, we will publish an article from our annual report on our website. This week, find out more about ASF’s work in Indonesia to improve access to justice for women victims of violence.


2 March 2020

Partners’ Profiles 3/4 : Annie Masengo

Annie Masengo speaks to us about her struggles within the Congolese League against Corruption (LICOCO). She tells us about the observations that led her to engage in the fight against corruption, an endemic phenomenon in the natural resource sector, and of the importance of all community members, regardless of gender, being able to make their voices heard.


2 February 2020

Partners’ profiles 1/4 : Marceline Nzati

Avocats Sans Frontières, active in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2002, would not be able to act without its partners. It is for this reason that, today, we wanted to give voice to them. These men and women told us about their everyday life, their realities and their convictions. Speaking today is Marceline Nzati, a sister at the Diocesan Commission for Justice and Peace in Boma (DCJP). She told us about herself, and about the importance for local populations to regain control over the management of natural resources and of the role that women can play in reclaiming these questions.


8 March 2019

Digging for power: Women empowerment and justice amidst extractive industry developments in Uganda

Joining in the celebration of women across the world today, ASF releases its analysis of the progresses and shortcomings in achieving women’s rights in Uganda’s extractive industry context.


29 May 2017

ASF in Chad: a glance at the past and toward the future

Begin May, the European Union officially renewed its support for Avocats Sans Frontières’ work in Chad, allowing the organisation to continue its efforts to protect human rights in the country. This provides an opportunity to look back over some results achieved to date and look toward the challenges to come.


13 March 2017

ASF Congo 15 ans anniversaire

ASF in DR Congo: 15 years of commitment

ASF has come a long way since it started up its activities in Congo 15 years ago. Its aim, from the very beginning, has been to ensure that people become more aware of their rights and can enforce them. We opened our first office in Kinshasa on 12 March 2002. Since then, we’ve developed a wide range of projects. Our network has grown nationwide, thanks to all those we have met who supported us, offering their advice and expertise, working with us in circumstances that were not always easy.


8 March 2017

Women’s rights in Zambia: involving all levels of society

On this 8 March, International Women’s Day, ASF is focusing on the project it has been running in Zambia for the past year in partnership with the organisation Young Women’s Christian Association. The aim of making women the authors of their own emancipation is central to the activities of both organisations. The first results are very positive.



20 June 2022

17 June 2022

16 June 2022

Appel à proposition de projets : Appui aux acteurs de la migration en Tunisie

Projet ProMiTAD | Protection des personnes migrantes en situation de vulnérabilité en Tunisie LIGNES DIRECTRICES A L’INTENTION DES DEMANDEURS  Appel à proposition de projets Appui aux acteurs de la migration en Tunisie Appel d’offre Documents annexes : Eligibilité des coûts[…]


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