Conference CAR 27-03-2018

Access to justice in the Central African Republic – ASF conference on 27 March 2018 in Brussels

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Dear Sir/Madam,

It is our pleasure to invite you to a conference on Access to justice in the Central African Republic: perspectives and lessons learned from the field.

According to many observers, the escalating violence in the Central African Republic since 2013 can largely be attributed to profound failures of the state and its administrations that have affected the country for more than twenty years.

Today, with little to suggest that lasting stability is being established, the question of the (re)structuring of the Central African Republic’s state, and particularly its justice institutions, is a pressing one.

Since 2015, ASF has been working in this extremely fragile context, alongside the Bar Association of the Central African Republic and civil society organisations, to strengthen people’s access to justice. In the course of its activities on the ground, ASF has had the opportunity to carry out several research projects and to analyse people’s perceptions of justice, the condition of the Register of Births, Marriages, and Deaths, and the experience of community actors, with the aim of preventing and managing local conflicts.

These analyses help to develop concrete actions and recommendations, both in the area of local justice and at the level of justice institutions by, for example, strengthening the Bar Association and lawyers. This fieldwork is also investigative, providing material for reflection on the issues surrounding the establishment of the Special Criminal Court, set up to examine and try international crimes committed in recent years, on the place of victims, and on the role of other actors and justice institutions in this process.

These activities, analyses, and recommendations will be presented at the conference to be held on Tuesday 27 March 2018 in Brussels, with the support of Krings Law.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Chantal van Cutsem,
Executive Director


  • Elisa Novic, ASF expert on international and transitional justice
  • Bruno Langhendries, ASF Head of Learning & Knowledge
  • Liliane Umubyeyi, ASF research coordinator, author of the studies D’une justice à une autre (From one justice to another) and Résoudre des conflits sans pouvoir (Resolving conflicts without power)
  • Thierry Vircoulon, specialist in the Central African Republic, author of the ASF study The Register of Births, Marriages, and Deaths in the Central African Republic: Issues and Practices

Useful information

  • Tuesday 27 March 2018 from 12 noon to 2 pm (registration from 11.30 am)
  • Location: Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE): rue Joseph II straat 40/8 – 1000 Brussels (5th floor)
  • Admission free
  • The conference will be held in French
  • Sandwiches and drinks will be provided
  • Registration in advance is essential, before 27 March
With the support of Krings Law.

Thanks to the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe for hosting the event.
ASF’s projects in the Central African Republic are carried out with the support of the European Union, the Bêkou Trust Fund and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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