Trial observation platform

Since its creation, ASF has supported victims of international crimes, in particular in Rwanda, DRC, Uganda and Tunisia. Our organization predominantly works alongside civil parties, providing technical support to their representatives and promoting their participation in front of specialized tribunals. As the judicial systems often presents significant gaps, we also pay attention to the respect of fair trial standards and the rights of the defense, and we monitor the effectivity of victims’ participation to the proceedings.

Our support to these trials provides us with a unique opportunity to report on the hearings, to observe potential areas of dysfunction, and to comment on their overall contribution to the transitional justice objectives within which they operate. These trials are often considered emblematic and contribute to the establishment of key narratives – from a judicial, if not a historical, point of view – in these post-conflict contexts.

This platform is addressed to actors involved in the field of transitional justice – judicial actors in those referred contexts, technical and financial partners, civil society actors, INGO, national and international media – as well as the general public.

It is aimed at orienting advocacy strategies on the basis of the observed respect of national and international fair trial standards and victim participation; and to ensure both an exchange on judicial practices and the sharing of any good practices.

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