Organise an event

Let your imagination run free and come up with original ways of supporting ASF. Encourage people you know to get involved by inviting them to support your campaign in support of ASF online.

  • Share your happiness with ASF
    Congratulations! Celebrating a birthday, marriage, or promotion at work? Mark the occasion by encouraging your friends to make a donation in support of justice.
    At your request, we will then send you a list of those who made a donation. Also, each of them will receive a receipt for tax purposes and information about our activities.
  • Support ASF through your business
    The business world has taken on board the notion of social responsibility. Encourage your company or law firm to support our projects to help make justice more accessible. There are many different ways of supporting us: sponsorship, in-kind donations, partnerships, etc.
  • Have a chat with us – tel. + 32 (0)2 223 36 54

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