What is the legal duration of police custody?


The Ugandan constitution states a person arrested shall be brought to court not later than 48 hours from the time of her/his arrest. The period runs from the arrest of the person, and if no charges are brought against the person arrested at the end of that period the person shall be then released.

The magistrate before whom the accused person first appears after the expiration of the custody period shall release that person on bail:

Custody with a warrant of arrest

The officer to whom the warrant is directed shall release the person from custody:

The endorsement on the warrant issued by a magistrate court shall state:

Custody without a warrant of arrest

A person arrested without a warrant shall be brought before a magistrate’s court within 48 hours, except when that person need to be questioned in a different area of her/his arrest then it is within seven days .

If the person arrested is not suspected of murder, rape, treason or an offence of serious nature, and:


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