Justice ExPEERience is a community, a network for activists, jurists, NGOs, academics, civil society actors who join forces to defend Human Rights and to promote access to justice and rule of law throughout the world. They work together to strengthen their actions and impact thanks to the sharing of experiences and knowledge.

ASF has created Justice ExPEERience to facilitate the creation of networks, coalitions, and communities of practice. The ambition is to link Human Rights actors from different contexts around the world while guaranteeing the respect of high standards in terms of ethics and data security.

This is why ASF has created the collaborative and secure online platform Justice ExPEERience. This platform is: 

Its users each have a profile page and can publish on and access groups and different news feeds, associated with a project, a theme and/or a context. A news feed contains the information shared on the network.

In order to further connect users and to create multidisciplinary and international networks, the platform is available in several languages such as English, French and Arabic. An automatic tool of traduction allows access to contents published on the platform in a selection of other languages.

It was developed by the small French company Algoo, in open source and independently of the major multinational digital companies, and is hosted in a sovereign manner on a server in France. Justice ExPEERience thus guarantees a high level of independence and data protection.

The platform is structured into shared spaces where you can share information, store content and work together on online documents.

Justice ExPEERience also gathers all the content shared and produced by the members of the community. Within the framework of the network, one Thursday each month, ExPEERience Talks are organized.  They are short webinars  and are an opportunity for members to discuss and share on a survey, a research, a project or an action related to Human Rights. The Justice ExPEERience members also receive  a newsletter (The ExPEERience Letter) each month to stay informed about the latest news and events of the network.

To receive the newsletter and be invited to futur webinars, register to Justice ExPEERience.

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