Avocats Sans Frontières is an international NGO promoting human rights and access to justice

Mission and vision

Justice ExPEERience, the human rights network launched by ASF, celebrates its second anniversary

National Dialogue on safeguarding procedural and constitutional rights for pre-trial detainees in Uganda: A reflection on challenges and opportunities

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December 6, 2023

Ezekere case - Military Court upholds convictions and grants full exemption from legal costs to victims, a first in Ituri

November 21, 2023

Joint statement - European Union conflict minerals regulation failing to reach its goals

November 7, 2023

Tunisia - Reject bill dismantling civil society: Arbitrary restrictions and excessive government control

November 7, 2023

تونس:يجب رفض مشروع قانون يهدف إلى تفكيك المجتمع المدني


Trial Observation Platform

A platform of trial observation in the transitional justice contexts in which ASF intervenes.


The law of detention across countries

ASF proposes you a dynamic platform allowing the spreading and the comparison of law of detention in several countries.

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