About us

Established in Brussels in 1992, Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF) is an international NGO specialising in defending human rights and access to justice. From Kinshasa to Tunis, from Jakarta to Kampala, our teams inform people about their rights, help civil society and lawyers to provide them with better assistance, and promote legislative reforms designed to increase respect for human rights.

Our mission

To assist people, particularly those in a vulnerable situation, to become emancipated by demanding and asserting their rights.

Our vision

For us, justice is essential for preventing and managing conflicts as well as for promoting human rights.

Our areas of intervention

We intervene in situations where the full and effective realisation of rights and individual and public freedoms is seriously endangered. These situations are mainly characterised by

  • Structural dysfunctions of the justice institutions
  • A lack of independence of these institutions
  • The manipulation of the law by political, military or economic groups, at the expense of the general interest.
  • Shortcomings in terms of willingness and/or capacity of the State to ensure the provision of basic public services, including the public service of justice
  • Economic development prospects severely compromised
  • Significant social tensions.

Our activities

All our activities are carried out in partnership with local entities: organisations and civil society groups, lawyers, bar associations, local institutions and authorities, community leaders, paralegals, social workers, international NGOs and other institutions… Our activities fall into three categories:

  • Provision of legal aid services: organisation of legal centres, provision of legal representation, raising awareness and educating the population on their rights…
  • Capacity building: professional training of lawyers; awareness-raising and information for justice personnel, institutional support to bar associations for the development of the profession and organisation of legal aid, training of local NGOs on law and procedure, observation of trials, creation of cases files, or working with victims, networking for creation of local synergies…
  • Advocacy: meetings with local and international institutions and authorities, submission of position papers,  publications, organisation of roundtables…

Read ASF’s official statutes (PDF).


Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF) is an NGO specialised in supporting access to justice, based in Brussels. ASF has no connection with the NGO “Avocats Sans Frontières” headed by Mr. Gilles-William Goldnadel in Paris. The public positions and statements of Mr. Goldnadel therefore do not in any way represent those of ASF.