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Tax relief on donations

If the amount that you donate adds up to €40 in a financial year, you can offset up to half of your contribution against tax (Tax laws may vary from country to country. Donations are deductible in most countries of the European Union).

What do we do with your money?

Every year, our activities report and financial report explain how we allocate the money you donate. In particular, your donations enable us to finance activities that are not funded by our institutional donors: responding to urgent requests for support from lawyers in danger, launching innovative projects in new areas, research and transnational studies, capacity-building for our staff, etc. With your permission, we use your donations where they seem most needed, based on our assessment. Your confidence in us is greatly appreciated.

Protection of your personal data

By making a donation, you accept that the personal data mentioned above, which will be provided to ASF by you or your bank (which can include your first name, surname, postal address, and email address), will be used by ASF to send you a thank-you email and, during the month of February following your donation, a receipt for tax purposes if the amount you donated entitles you to one.

Avocats Sans Frontières complies with the AERF Code of Ethics. You have a right to information. This implies that members and donors are informed annually about the use of the funds collected.

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Association for Ethics in Fundraising (AERF)

ASF adheres to the Code of Ethics of the Association for Ethics in Fundraising (AERF). This means that donors, staff and employeesare informed at least annually about the use
of the funds raised.