Considering that the organisation’s ultimate goal is the realisation of fair societies in which justice contributes to the prevention of conflicts and the realisation of human rights, ASF places integrity at the heart of its action. ASF ensures that everyone contributing to the realisation of its mandate respects the organization’s values and the rules put in place to protect these values. We apply a zero-tolerance policy towards any behaviour that could constitute a breach of its code of ethics including sexual, physical or moral violence, fraud and corruption.

What should you do if you wish to report a violation or abusive behaviour?

Any person with the knowledge of a potential or alleged violation that has occurred in a professional context and which is allegedly committed by an internal or external person linked to ASF is invited to report it to ASF as soon as possible.

  • You can report these facts to a trusted person you know within ASF (a member of the project team, the country office, or the Brussels office). This trusted person is obliged to include the report in an internal complaint handling system.
  • You can report these facts clicking on the button “file a complaint”. Only the Integrity Focal Point and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASF will have access to the information contained in the form and will apply the complaint handling procedure in accordance with the standard resolution scheme set out below.

If you have any doubt about whether it is appropriate to report facts or behaviours, you can send your questions to the following address or by clicking the button “ask a question”.

Only a small number of trusted persons can then be involved in the complaint resolution process. If you wish, your anonymity can be maintained throughout the entire process.

All complaints will be dealt with exhaustively and a response will be systematically made to the person issuing the alert.

We undertake to get back to you within 48 hours of receiving the report.

IMPORTANT: Never put yourself at risk, even to obtain evidence or more information. ASF will handle investigations directly.
However, if you or others are in immediate danger, contact the relevant authorities.

If you can’t access the form to file a complaint here above, here is the direct link to the form.