Strengthening civil society efforts to revitalise transitional justice in Tunisia


  • Objective: to contribute to the revitalisation of transitional justice efforts in Tunisia in order to effectively combat the abuses of the past.
  • Specific objectives:
    • Strengthening the capacity of CSOs to jointly advocate for the adoption of guarantees of non-repetition
    • Putting TJ back on the agenda of decision makers
    • Monitoring the JT process and the post-IVD institutional framework
  • Expected impact:
    • Enhanced engagement of state and non-state actors in the pursuit of transitional justice objectives in Tunisia:
    • More effective engagement of civil society in transitional justice.
    • Increased public support for the transitional justice process.
    • Increased levels of engagement of state actors in the implementation of the recommendations of the IVD.
  • Partners:
    • Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES)
    • Al Bawsala 
  • Duration: 5 years (July 2018 > July 2023)