Reparations in Uganda: recommendations

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Entebbe, 6 October 2016 – On 26 and 27 September last week, Ugandan and international stakeholders and experts gathered in Entebbe (Uganda) to discuss reparations for victims of mass atrocities in Uganda, during an international conference organized by ASF and REDRESS. The objectives of the conference were: Fifty-one persons attended including: Hon. Justice Elizabeth Nahamya and Hon. Justice Ezekiel Muhanguzi (International Crimes Division); Hon. MP Lyandro Komakech (Parliament); Ms. Margaret Ajok (Justice Law & Order Sector); representatives of Ministries (Ministry of Justice & Constitutional Affairs,  Ministry of Internal Affairs); lawyers; representatives of civil society organizations and of international organizations (including the International Criminal Court). Over this 2-days conference, the participants shared their experience in the area of transitional justice and, particularly, reparations. The panellists offered recommendations on the framework and implementation of reparation for mass atrocities in the context of Uganda. This document presents a compilation of these recommendations.
Picture: the participants to the conference in Entebbe © ASF