ASF and ING Privalis: Ordinary Justice

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Brussels, 19 August 2012. For several weeks now, ING Privalis clients have been greeted by an unusual message: ING has been distributing posters and leaflets from Avocats Sans Frontières’ “Open Your Eyes to Injustice” campaign in eight of the bank’s branches. As the bank of choice for lawyers, the partnership between ING and ASF is an obvious one, and it is no accident that the branches are located in courthouses. We had a chat with Paul Deleener, Head of ING Privalis.

ING is a committed bank. For example, it supports a number of development programmes worldwide. This commitment is also evident among its employees, who are encouraged to actively contribute to the social initiatives supported by the bank. In light of this, it was only natural for ING Privalis, which has been providing financial services for lawyers for fifty years, to cooperate with Avocats Sans Frontières.

Paul Deleener

There are numerous points of convergence between ING Privalis and ASF, as Deleener explains: “Justice is our bread and butter. We are in daily contact with legal professionals and lawyers. Our corporate charter promotes values similar to those of ASF: integrity, transparency, respect and environmental awareness. ING defends these four principles and endeavours to implement them as best as possible, for example by supporting ASF.”

Deleener does not hesitate to emphasise ING Privalis’ idealism. “Like the lawyers we serve, I am convinced of the need to pursue the highest ideals. Social conscience is extremely important, and the majority of our clients are lawyers because of  their idealism and commitment to social justice.” He goes on to quote the former President of the Brussels Bar Association, Jean Cruyplants: “Be a better lawyer by being a better person.”

ASF at the ING office, Palais de Justice in Brussels

The collaboration between ING and ASF will continue into the autumn, with an exhibition dedicated to Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar, which is being held from 10 October to 10 December 2012 at the ING Cultural Centre, Place Royale in Brussels.

ASF posters and leaflets will also be available in other ING Belgium branches over the coming months.

Photos: Vera Vanderelst