Law as the driving force for sustainable changes in favour of the most vulnerable.

The International Legal Network (ILN) of Avocats Sans Frontières is for all those who wish to get practically involved in the ASF dynamic of solidarity and development, in accordance with its general mandate. Launched in January 2010, the ILN today brings together dozens of lawyers from all over the world who are committed to making the law the driving force of sustainable change on behalf of the most vulnerable by supporting ASF’s international programmes and its missions in the field. The ILN offers all of its active members:

  • a structured framework (ASF missions and programmes) for interventions with long-lasting effects for maximum impact
  • a wide range of service requests for all competencies and availability (consultations, legal assistance, analysis, training, etc.)
  • a demand for top quality service for the most vulnerable and for the human rights cause

For young trainee lawyers, the ILN suggests first getting involved in an action on behalf of persecuted colleagues, through the project “Article16, Lawyers in danger”. For all law firms, the ILN offers an effective and long-lasting partnership for the development of their pro bono activities.