Lawyering for Change 2022: Programme

Wednesday October 12, 2022

9am – Conference opening (FR/EN/NL)

9:30am – Plenary: Empowering for Change – How to use legal empowerment as a driver for public engagement? (FR/EN/NL)

11:30am – Plenary: Lawyering for Change – The lawyer as an actor of change (FR/EN/NL)

2pm – Workshops session

Workshop 1: How can judiciary and non-judiciary tools be used to fight violence against women more effectively? (FR/EN/NL)

Workshop 2: Defending migrants’ rights in the Mediterranean by strenghtening North-South collaborations (FR)

Workshop 3: How to tackle colonial and post-colonial injustices ? (FR)

3:40pm – Workshops session

Workshop 1: Coalitions as a catalyst for change for transitional justice (FR/EN/NL)

Workshop 2: Breaking the prison deadlock, moving towards grounded public policies (FR)

Thursday October 13, 2022

9am – Opening of Day 2 (FR/EN/NL)

9:30am – Plenary: Advocating for Change – How to advocate for an effective and lasting societal change? (FR/EN/NL)

11:30am – Plenary: What role for digital technology in the fight for human rights? Opportunities, challenges and limits (FR/EN/NL)

2pm – Workshop sessions 3

Workshop 1: Access to justice in contexts of shrinking civic space (FR/EN/NL)

Workshop 2: The (in)effectiveness of legal remedies in natural resource governance (EN)

Workshop 3: How to involve young generations towards change through legal clinics? (FR)

3:40pm – Plenary: How to reposition justice at the heart of social and political regulation? (EN/FR/NL)