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Brussels, 10 January 2014 – The law students of the University of Leuven and the Flemish Bar Association have organized different fundraising activities for the radio campaign ‘Music For Life’. Their goal: to support the activities of Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF).

Last December, public Flemish radio station Studio Brussels’ yearly solidarity campaign, ‘Music For Life’, took place in Boom (see picture), a small city near Antwerp. With the slogan ‘The warmest week of the year’ a full week of radio was made in open air for 700 good causes. In parallel, others were encouraged to organize activities to raise additional funds for one of those causes—which is what the Leuven law students and the Flemish Bar Association did for ASF.

On 9 and 10 December, a cake and coffee sale was organized in the Law Faculty of the University of Leuven. “Most people were enthusiastic to buy a coffee or a cake, even the professor who was teaching at the moment”, stated Gauthier Moureau, the student responsible for the event. “Also, a lot of students weren’t aware of what ASF did. After some explanation, most of them were really interested in ASF’s work”. Still, Gauthier remains down-to-earth: “the money that we raised is just a drop in the ocean for an organization like ASF, which tries to improve access to justice in countries where the needs are great. But that doesn’t stop us from giving our all for ASF.”

The Flemish Bar Association also took action to support ASF. For an entire week, the employees of the Bar could contribute through the Music for Life donation box placed in their offices. Babette De Grom of the communication service at the Flemish Bar Association recalls: “Some employees even wanted to do something of their own. One colleague baked cookies on the weekend and wanted to sell them for Music For Life”, Pens were also sold at the Annual General meeting of the FBA.

In addition, listeners of Studio Brussels were given the opportunity to request a song for Music For Life, provided they made a gift for ASF.

Altogether, these activities raised approximately 900 euros for ASF.

“We want to thank everyone for their efforts.  The Flemish Bar Association and the law students of Leuven University showed that everyone can take action for an organization like ASF”, says Gilles Van Moortel, in charge of fundraising at ASF.

Cover picture: Open air show from Music For Life in Boom © ASF/ T. van ‘t Hof.