For the right to be different and the elimination of all forms of discrimination in Tunisia (All 4 All)


  • Objective: To promote and strengthen the rights and position of discriminated persons and groups in Tunisia for the consolidation of the principle of equality and the fight against discrimination.
  • Specific objectives:
    • To facilitate access to legal aid services adapted to the needs of the target groups;
    • To strengthen the capacities of civil society organisations to jointly advocate for individual freedoms;
    • To influence public policy through a public campaign and advocacy.
  • Expected results:
    • The capacities of civil society actors, institutions, lawyers and the media in the fight against discrimination are strengthened;
    • The empowerment and mobilisation of discriminated groups in favour of equality and non-discrimination is supported and consolidated;
    • National and international actors are aware of the need to adopt a legal framework that guarantees the rights of discriminated groups.
  • Partners:
    • The Observatory for the Right to Difference (O3DT)
    • Minority Rights Group (MRG)
  • Budget: € 1,448,750
  • Duration: 3 years (July 2022 > June 2025)