From Access to Equality (FATE); Empowering Women to Access Justice in Uganda

Specific objective of the project

  • Impact/Goal: Women and girls are empowered to pursue justice in an environment that serves their needs
  • Specific Objective 1: Women are in a position to demand justice
  • Specific Objective 2: Decision makers mobilise to make women and girls’ rights effective

Expected results

1.1:  Women are legally empowered to act

2.1: Legal aid and protection services are improved and tailored to respond to women and girls’ access to justice needs

2.2: Institutions are accountable for protecting and promoting women and girls’ rights

Priority areas of implementation

  • Northern Uganda, with a primary focus on Acholiland;
  • Eastern Uganda, with a primary focus on Busoga and Karamoja. In both regions, GBV is deeply embedded within local customs;
  • Western Uganda, with a primary focus on Bunyoro, the area hosts the development of extractive industries which primarily impact women, small land owners and artisanal farmers.

Project Partners

  • Penal Reform International
  • Barefoot Law
  • The Uganda Women Network (UWONET)

Main activities

  • Legal awareness-raising and community outreach
  • Provision of legal aid services to pre -trial detainees
  • Capacity building of Legal Aid Service Providers Network
  • Creation, strengthening and facilitation of networks of human rights monitors

Funding and duration of the project

  • Budget for the project: €4.000.000
  • Donor: The Embassy Of The Kingdom Of The Netherlands
  • Duration and dates of the project: 48 months (April 2021 –March 2025)