Strengthening the role of civil society in the reform of the criminal justice system in Morocco


  • Objective: To promote and strengthen the rule of law and the protection of human rights through the establishment of access-to-justice mechanisms accessible to people in vulnerable situations, and more effective mobilization of civil society actors in evidence-based advocacy.
  • Expected results :
    • Detainees and/or persons in police custody receive grievance handling services, legal aid and an awareness-raising campaign on judicial guarantees, including those in police custody, is organized.
    • Civil society actors and lawyers are strengthened in their ability to observe the workings of the justice system, including trial observation.
    • Political decision-makers are sensitized by civil society actors in the elaboration of public policies (development of policy briefs, country strategy for the pan-African campaign for the decriminalization of minor offenses, organization of advocacy workshops, etc.).
  • Funding : European Union
  • Partners: Moroccan Prison Observatory (OMP)
  • Budget : 337,044.00 euros
  • Duration : 30 months (2023 – 2025)