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Brussels, 17 October 2013 – Ensuring justice means ensuring sustainability. That is the reason why Avocats Sans Frontières (ASF) also reaches out to people who save up their money at banks committed to sustainable development, like Triodos Bank. Therefore, at the invitation of this bank, ASF took part at the annual Triodos Day, in Brussels, and took this opportunity to share its message of sustainable justice with savers and clients.

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Triodos Bank stands out in Belgium as the only bank with a focus on sustainable banking. Triodos Day on October 13 offered the bank’s clients the opportunity to visit information stands of various organisations, including ASF.

Triodos Bank, like ASF, gives great importance to equal rights, human dignity and a better quality of life. “We are thankful for the opportunity to introduce our organisation to Triodos’ savers, because ensuring justice means ensuring sustainability,” says Gilles Van Moortel, member of the communication team of ASF. “In post-conflict or transition situations for example, such as Nepal and Tunisia, transitional justice is a crucial step towards durable peace. Therefore, ASF is active in such countries to help build a fair and efficient justice system.”

The attending savers were interested in ASF’s stand. “I’m attentive to any topic dealing with human rights and justice. ASF is the go-to NGO in that domain,” shares a young woman from Liège. Another visitor is of the opinion that ASF deserves more visibility: “Such visibility is important to garner support for your actions, and for those who need your help and better access to justice.”

“Although ASF is mainly supported by institutional donors such as the European Union, we also count on individual donations. Therefore we want to thank in advance all savers who are willing to invest in the fight for human rights and access to justice. It doesn’t matter if it’s one or one hundred euros, every donation counts,” states Gilles Van Moortel.

Hopefully, we can address the savers again at next year’s Triodos Day.

Cover photo: The ASF team ready to convince the savers of the importance of sustainable justice and access to justice © ASF