October 9, 2015

Tunisian civil society recognised by Nobel Peace Prize award

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ASF congratulates its Tunisian partners – the Tunisian Order of Lawyers and the Tunisian Human Rights League. Together with two other organisations, the Tunisian General Labour Union and the Confederation of Industry, they have today received the Nobel Peace Prize for 2015.

The Nobel Committee has decided to award the 2015 Peace Prize to the National Dialogue Quartet in Tunisia: the Tunisian Order of Lawyers, the Tunisian Human Rights League, the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) and the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA).

We congratulate these four organisations, which include two we are working with in partnership to restore trust between Tunisian citizens and the justice system“, notes Antonio Manganella, ASF Head of Mission in Tunis.

The jury of the prestigious Committee has chosen to pay tribute to a body from Tunisian civil society. “This is a recognition of the role that civil society has played in democratic governance and of the fundamental contribution it can make in relation to political choices“, states Antonio Manganella.

According to the ASF Head of Mission, “the quartet also proves that civil society organisations are able to put their own specific agendas and interests to one side in order to devote themselves to the general good and make a worthwhile contribution to the political process in the country“.

ASF also congratulates the Tunisian people for this prestigious award, which in some ways is a recognition of their attitude since the Arab spring which was triggered in 2011. Following a lengthy political crisis marked by the assassinations of public figures, Tunisia has passed its democratic test by adopting a new constitution and by holding parliamentary and presidential elections in a peaceful climate.

Today, the country faces many challenges in relation to respect for human rights and the proper functioning of the justice system and the rule of law. Since 2012, ASF has been working in partnership with the Tunisian Order of Lawyers and the Tunisian Human Rights League to monitor and reform the justice system.

Picture © F.Belaid/AFP


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