ASF has currently field offices in 9 different countries and employs about 100 people of more than 15 different nationalities.

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Regionalisation and creation of regional hubs

In a move towards decentralisation, ASF has recently set up “regional hubs” : the establishement of these hubs aimed to strengthen the strategic dialogue between the different offices and ensure that the regional perspective could feed the strategy and the priorities at international level.

These hubs have also been created to strenghten the regional roots of ASF and work as closely as possible with local beneficiaries and partners. They allow ASF to deploy relevant and qualitative action, based on contextualised expertise and already existing networks.

Main functions of these hubs:

  • Mission development and management
  • Production of relevant and contextualised expertise
  • Advocacy at international level and animation of networks
  • Capacity building to country teams

General Director: Chantal van Cutsem

Board: Patrick Henry (President), Marco Schoups (Vice-president), Tom Dekeersmaeker, Michel Forges, Olivier Haenecour, Françoise Lewalle, Claude Maon, Jacqueline Oosterbosch, Franck Signoret, Jean-Marc Verjus.

International office (Brussels)

Finance and Operations

Finance and Operations Manager: Fabio Ciarrocchi (Interim)

Finance and Operations Officer for East Africa : Maite Zammattio

Finance and Operations Officer for Sahel and Central Africa : Laurent Semaka

AFL & IT Officer: Nadin Coulibaly


Head of strategic support: Bruno Langhendries

Human Resources

Human Resources Manager: Emilie Pollie

Learning and Knowledge

Legal and policy advisor in Business and Human Rights: Grazia Scocca

Legal and policy advisor in Transitional Justice: Valerie Arnould

Justice ExpEErience Coordinator: Justine Dofal


Communication officer: Simon Mallet

National offices

Morocco (Rabat) – Country director: Asmaa Fakhoury +212 (0) 537 72 70 32

Uganda (Kampala) – Country director: Irene Winnie Anying +256 75 09 39 349

Central African Republic (Bangui) – Country Director: Victor Odent +236 72 74 05 72

Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa) – Country director: Jennifer Troncoso

Niger (Niger)

Tunisia (Tunis) – Country director: Ramy Khouili +216 27 212 505.

Regional hubs

Mediteranean region (Tunis) – Regional director: Antonio Manganella

East African region (Kampala) – Regional director: Thijs Van Laer