About us

ASF has currently field offices in 6 different countries and employs about 80 people of more than 15 different nationalities.

Non for profit association under Belgian law, registered at the Brussels Office of the Commercial court, French-speaking – Company number: BE 0447.404.580 – Not liable to VAT.

General Director: Chantal van Cutsem

Board: Patrick Henry (President), Marco Schoups (Vice-president), Gérard Delvaux (Treasurer), Eddy Boydens, Tom Dekeersmaeker, Michel Forges, Olivier Haenecour, Claude Maon, Jacqueline Oosterbosch, Jean-Marc Verjus.


Finance and Operations

Finance and Operations management: Laetitia Fickers

Finance and Operations Manager: Saida Aouadi

AFL Assistant: Nadin Coulibaly


Head of strategic support: Bruno Langhendries

Human Resources

Human Resources Manager: Emilie Pollie

Learning and Knowledge

Legal and policy advisor in Business and Human Rights: Grazia Scocca

Legal and policy advisor in Transitional Justice: Valerie Arnould

Justice ExpEErience Coordinator: Justine Dofal


Communication officer: Simon Mallet

Permanent missions

Morocco (Rabat): 2 collaborators. +212 666 058 275

Uganda (Kampala): 8 collaborators. Country director: Irene Winnie Anying +256 75 09 39 349

Central African Republic (Bangui): 10 collaborators. Conntry Director: Victor Odent +236 72 74 05 72

Democratic Republic of Congo (Kinshasa): 15 collaborators. Country director: Jennifer Troncoso

Tunisia (Tunis): 30 collaborators. Country director: Ramy Khouili +216 27 212 505.

Mediteranean region (Tunis). Regional director : Antonio Manganella

East African region (Kampala). Regional director: Romain Ravet