“Openness” at ASF is to work in synergy with local and international partner organizations and to seek to strengthen the impact of our actions and expertise on our intervention theme by developing our networks.

“Commitment” at ASF means adhering to our mandate which is aimed at the promotion and the protection of human rights and at protecting and ensuring the effective exercise of the rights of people in situations of vulnerability, in order to prevent conflicts, and to promote respect for the dignity of the person and their social, cultural, economic and political development. This mandate is the pillar of all the strategic and operational reflections of ASF.

“Justice” at ASF means making guided decisions based on the respect for fundamental rights and freedoms, laws and the rejection of all forms of discrimination.

“Integrity” at ASF means adopting open, honest and respectful behaviour towards our colleagues, our partners and our beneficiaries, in order to foster a culture of trust among all. Integrity also means concluding contracts in a legal and respectable manner, respecting all contractual obligations and terms and conditions.

ASF’s “responsible management” consists of managing and treating financial and material resources that are made available to us and / or that we use alone or in collaboration with others with efficiency and exemplarity. It is also about making eco-responsible choices that contribute to the preservation of the environment and our planet.