ExPEERience Talk #12 – Pre-trial detention in Uganda: Learnings from a study on knowledge, attitudes and practices


During this ExPEERience Talk #12, ASF’s team in Uganda will present the resutlts of a soon-to-be-published report on knowledge, attitudes and practices about pre-trial detention in Uganda.

Uganda has an elaborate legal framework regulating pre-trial detention, which includes detailed provisions regarding procedural and constitutional rights. Compliance with these provisions, however, continues to be a challenge: many persons going through the criminal justice system suffer violations of their human rights. These include arbitrary or illegal arrests, overstaying in police custody, the lack of access to police bond, or violations of the right to mandatory bail. The most vulnerable and indigent are those who suffer most from the lack of compliance with procedural and constitutional rights.

The report explores the knowledge, attitudes and practices of users of the criminal justice system, namely communities and pre-trial detainees, along with the perspectives of duty bearers, thereby shedding light on the root causes of violations of procedural and constitutional rights. With this evidence base, the report provides recommendations for action and positive reforms in the area of pre-trial detention.

Join us on February 15 to discuss how we can work together to improve the respect of fundamental rights in detention.

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