Avocats Sans Frontières is an international NGO promoting human rights and access to justice

Mission and vision

Putting the interests of local populations at the heart of natural resource exploitation: Transparency, accountability and protection of rights

The penalisation of charlatanism and witchcraft practices: An obstacle to the realisation of the rights of women and minors in the Central African Republic

Publications & Tools

November 21, 2022

(French) Joint statement - In solidarity with the inhabitants of Zarzis

November 19, 2022

(French) Joint statement - Campaign for the decriminalisation of poverty, status and activism

November 4, 2022

(French) Press release - One year after the forced demolitions of their homes, the victims of Mege village are still waiting for answers to their demands

October 25, 2022

(Italian) Joint statement - Yet another tragedy of the coast of Zarzis: the search for truth and justice


Trial Observation Platform

A platform of trial observation in the transitional justice contexts in which ASF intervenes.


The law of detention across countries

ASF proposes you a dynamic platform allowing the spreading and the comparison of law of detention in several countries.

ASF in Action